Stop Celebratory Gunfire 2016


“The Columbus Division of Police asks all Columbus residents to celebrate responsibly on New Year's Eve. Incidents of random and celebratory gunfire have injured and killed dozens throughout our country over the past decade. Tragically, a 16 year old girl was killed shortly after midnight on January 1, 2005, right here in Columbus. Her senseless death was the result of celebratory gunfire which began at a party across the street from her home. It is everyone’s responsibility to spread the word about the dangers of this unsafe practice. Demand that anyone attending your celebrations refuse to participate. We are providing a number of materials here for you to share, print, post and handout. We encourage everyone who believes as strongly as we do that this practice needs to stop to use the materials to spread the word.

Also provided is a map showing the Columbus neighborhoods most impacted by this dangerous practice. The map shows the concentration of gunshot related calls for service on and around midnight for the past three New Year's Eves. It is provided to help our community make the point with family and friends just how pervasive this practice is in some neighborhoods. Also linked are a YouTube video filmed on the Westside several years ago and another video telling the tragic story of Marquel Peters who was killed by celebratory gunfire on New Year’s Eve in Atlanta.

We hope that you will join us to reduce and eventually put an end to this frightening and deadly celebration. The brave men and women of the Columbus Division of Police will be out on New Year’s Eve responding to your calls for service, and serving our citizens amongst the gunfire. We implore you to help us help you on New Year's Eve.”