Liaison with community groups and individuals regarding criminal activities and prevention, quality-of-life issues, and facilitate problem solving and follow-up.

Development of Mission Aligned Policing Philosophy (MAPP) within Patrol Sub-Division via education and development activities.

Liaison with district Officers and precinct Sergeants to cause responses to crime problems and quality of life issues.

Liaison with other units within the Strategic Response Bureau.

Facilitate the referral on non-law enforcement concerns.


High School Resource Unit

The High School Resource Unit is assigned to the Community Liaison Section.  The Resource Officers are assigned to each of the City High Schools.  The Resource Officers respond to incidents in the High School taking enforcement /intervention action, involving a risk of harm to persons or the destruction of property within the school environment. 


Badge Number
School Number
Call Number
Sgt Steven Brown
5233 5-4956 56     1250
PO Bret Bodell (Brookhaven)
1557 5-4610   365-5985   1256
PO Gary Cooper (Briggs)
1758 5-4610   365-5915   1255
PO James Davidson (Northland)
224 5-4610   365-5342   1252
PO Larry Howell (Whetstone)
1272 5-4610   365-6060   1259
PO David Weirick (Centennial )
1466 5-4610   365-5491   1258
PO Jeffrey Huhn (Independence)
745 5-4610   365-5372   1266
PO Jonathan Little (Eastmoor)
985 5-4610   365-6158   1254
PO Rick Thompson (Marion Franklin)
1465 5-4610   365-5432   1268
PO Robert Thissen (Walnut Ridge)
1642 5-4610   365-5400   1264
PO Allen Blackmon (East)
1359 5-4610   365-8916   1257
PO Joe Jakse (South)
1826 5-4610   365-6730   1267
PO Timothy Montgomery (Linden-McKinley)
1906 5-4610   365-5583   1265
PO Steven Scruggs (Fort Hayes)
316 5-4610   365-6681   1253
PO Brent Singer (Beechcroft)
1636 5-4610   365-5364   1262
PO Stephanie Martin (West)
1771 5-4610   365-8527   1261
PO James Scott (Mifflin)
457 5-4610   365-5466   1263
PO Timothy Schmitz (Columbus Alternative)
1282 5-4610   355-6006   1251



Contacting your Community Liaison Officer

Not sure which Community Liaison Officer to contact?  Use the map below to determine the area of the City you live or work in.  The dark black numbers (1-20) designate the precinct numbers.  You can contact the Officer directly by phone.

Click on the Precinct Number on the Map to See the Liaison Officer for that Precinct. 

Precinct Map 1 Precinct two three four five six six seven eight seventeen eighteen fifteen sixteen nineteen twelve nine fourteen eleven ten thirteen twenty




Community Liasion Section Lieutenant

Lieutenant Scott Bartholow #5051

Days Off S/S 645-4002

18 year Veteran of the Division

North Unit Sergeant

Sergeant Steve Livingston #5315

Days Off F/S 645-4140

17 year Veteran of the Division
North Units Include: Precincts 1,2,3,4,5,6,17,18
Sgt. Livingston came from Patrol, where he worked closely with Community Groups on Zones 1 and 4, before transferring over to SRB-CLO North. Sgt. Livingston is also a Tactical Flight Officer for the Division, filling in at the Heliport, and works extensively with the International Police Association where he has interacted with and trained officers from overseas on a variety of topics, including American-style Community Policing. Police Officers around the world face the same types of problems; we can learn and grow from others’ experiences, bringing that back to help improve our own City.


South Unit Sergeant

Sergeant Ken Tischler #5245

Days Off S/M 645-4139

22 years Veteran of the Division Sergeant Tischler chose his assignment to work in the Community Liaison Unit because of the "flexibility the unit has to solve community problems”.
South Unit Include Precincts: 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,19,20



1 Precinct

Officer Lawrence E. Geis #1570

Days Off F/S 645-1401

19 year Veteran of the Division
“I am proud to be a CLO in the community; I enjoy working with the people in their respective communities who want to better their neighborhoods”


2 Precinct

Officer Christopher T. Riley #1439

Days Off S/M 645-1402


3 Precinct

Officer Bruce Beard #1604

Days Off S/M 645-1403



4 Precinct

Officer Steve Smith # 1193

Days Off S/M 645-1404

25 year Veteran with the Division
Officer Smith has served in the Community Liaison Unit for 12 years, (Short North area).
Previous assignments held by Officer Smith: 10.5 years inner city Patrol
2.5 years SRB Enforcement/Narcotics INTAC


5 Precinct

Officer David C. Wilson #1419

Days Off 645-1405

21 Year Veteran of the Division
Officer Wilson has 5 years previous experience with the Newark Ohio police Department.
Officer Wilson has been awarded the Safe Driving Award/Ribbon, Physical Fitness Ribbon, and a Chief’s Commendation.
Officer Wilson chose his assignment with the Community Liaison Unit, after a fellow officer advised him the assignment was positive.


6 Precinct

Officer Mark Gargaro #1729

Days Off S/M 645-1406



7 Precinct

Officer Jason Jackson #619

Days Off F/S 645-1407

16 year Veteran of the Division


8 Precinct

Officer Kelly Shay #1796

Days Off S/M 645-1408

17 year Veteran of the Division
Officer Shay has worked on all 5 Patrol Zones, Vice and SAS


9 Precinct

Officer Garey Scott #1672

Days Off S/M 645-1409

18 year Veteran of the Division


10 Precinct

Officer Mark Browning #1721

Days Off S/M 645-1410

Officer Browning chose his assignment in the Community Liaison Unit, “to work with the Community to solve problems in their neighborhoods”.
Previous assignments held by Officer Browning: Patrol, Vice, Assault Squad.


11 Precinct

Officer Larry Brown #1279

Days Off F/S 645-1411

19 year Veteran of the Division
Officer Brown chose his assignment in the Community Liaison Unit “to give back to the community”.
Previous assignments held by Officer Brown are: Patrol, SAS, Homicide, Fraud/Forgery, Burglary, SRB.
Officer Brown has been awarded the Safe driving Award/Ribbon, the Silver Cross and the Blue Star Award/Ribbons.


12 Precinct

Officer Theresa Kalous #2001

Days Off S/M 645-1412

15 year Veteran of the Division


13 Precinct




14 Precinct

Officer Barry Kirby #1578

Days Off F/S 645-1414

20 year veteran of the Division


15 Precinct

Officer Tom Paulus #1994

Days Off S/M 645-1415

14 year Veteran of the Division
Officer Paulus has 6 years previous experience with the Sheriff’s Office and holds an Associate degree from Columbus State University and a Bachelors degree from Ohio Dominican University.


16 Precinct

Officer John D. Marshall #940

Days Off S/M 645-1416

23 Year Veteran of the Division
Officer Marshall’s pervious assignments were Patrol and SRB.


17 Precinct

Officer Carl R. Johnson #100

Days Off S/M 645-1417

25 year Veteran with the Division


18 Precinct

Officer Scott Clinger #494

Days Off F/S 645-1418

16 year Veteran of the Division“I was looking to broaden my policing experience and I was hoping to pass on important information to the public”
Officer Clinger served 10 years in the United States Marine Corps on active duty, served as a reserve police officer in Yuma AZ for 4 years, a police officer assigned to the Defense Supply Center Columbus for 3 years and is an Honorary Member of the Piqua Shawnee tribe.
Officer Clinger is also a member of the United States Parachute Association.


19 Precinct

Officer Russell Weiner #1842

Days Off S/M 645-1419



20 Precinct

Officer James Poole #1948

Days Off S/M 645-1420

15 year Veteran of the Division