The Internal Affairs Bureau is committed to preserving the integrity of the Division of Police, and maintaining the respect and confidence of the public.  The guiding principle by which this will be accomplished will be our unremitting efforts to provide fair, thorough and complete investigations.

Investigators will perform their duties without personal bias, impartiality will be fundamental, and investigations will withstand the test of scrutiny.

The professionalism of our personnel and objectivity of their investigations will inspire confidence in our abilities, encourage open communication with the public, and promote an atmosphere of equal treatment for all.


To contact the Bureau by mail:

Columbus Division of Police
Attn: Internal Affairs Bureau
750 E. Long St.
Columbus, Ohio 43203

Bureau hours:
7:00am to 9:00pm


To contact the Bureau by phone:

For a complaint or a concern against

Division personnel - (614) 645-4880

For a compliment - (614) 645-4580
(Patrol Admin Office)

Main office - (614) 645-4745

To Contact The Bureau by E-Mail:


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