Helicopter Unit 

The Helicopter Unit provides tactical air support to the entire Division of Police.  The constant and persistent presence of a patrolling helicopter suppresses crime.  Studies indicate that burglaries are reduced by 30% while street crimes are cut in half!  Studies also indicate that helicopter/car teams have a felony arrest rate as high as 6 times that of a car teams alone.  The aerial advantage gives the helicopter about 15 times the surveillance capacity of a ground unit.  This vantage point combined with the speed in which the helicopter gets over the crime scene (CPD average 78 seconds) provides containment that essentially assures arrest.  The Columbus Division of Police has fewer officers per square mile and per population than Cincinnati or Cleveland, Ohio but still has less crime…this can be attributed to the effectiveness of the cooperation between the Patrol Ground Units and the Helicopter Unit.  The Citizens of Columbus are fortunate to have such an effective crime fighting tool, the Helicopter Unit!



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