National Consumer’s League Fraud Center. Good site for information about fraud, scams, etc. First Gov. for Citizens. General consumer information with links for ID Theft. Good site for fraud prevention information. Has fraud tests, videos, and preventions tips.   National Fraud Information Center . Online complaint form.  Links for elderly fraud, telemarketing fraud, internet fraud.  Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Good site for consumer information with link for ID Theft victims.  Federal Trade Commission website complaint page. Ohio Attorney General’s website page for ID theft and ID passport information.



Canada Call Scam

Canada Call Scam

Dell Computer Scam

E-mail Bank Account Scam

Home Repair Scams

HUD Scam

Internet Loans Scam

Parking Lot Scam

Prize Winning

Reshipping Scam

T-Mobile Scam

Work at Home Scam

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