Why Focus on Safety?



About Focus on Safety
The City of Columbus Focus on Safety program was designed to dramatically reduce red light running by using the formula below:

Education:  Prior to the implantation of the program, numerous presentations were given throughout the city to provide the public an opportunity to learn about the technology and the formula being used to select intersections.  The program received a great deal of coverage by local media as well.

Engineering: City engineers reviewed traffic crash data to determine problematic intersections and what could be done to make them safer. They also reviewed the yellow signal timing and conducted a physical examination of possible lane changes.

Enforcement: Once an intersection was identified as problematic, ie. numerous crashes, citations issued for red light running, etc., the Columbus Division of Police used traditional enforcement methods to address safety issues. Now, those problematic intersections have photo red light enforcement to aid in there enforcement efforts.

Prior to an intersection issuing citations, each intersection is given a 30-day warning period where those caught running the red light are sent a warning letter in the mail. Once the 30-day grace period is up, those caught running the red light will receive a citation in the mail within 7 to 10 days.

In 2011, the Columbus Division of Police moved forward with adding two mobile speed vehicles to the photo enforcement program. Traffic officers have been actively engaged in reducing speeds in school zones and over the past seven years, have issued more than 39,000 speed citations in school zones alone. The mobile speed units have aided in reducing speeds and making drivers more aware of the speed limit.

The mobile speed units, by ordinance, are only used in areas where children gather. They can be used in school zones, recreation centers, parks, pools and places where children gather. The Division hopes to add additional mobile speed vehicles to the fleet to make a larger impact on school zones and keep children safe.

The City of Columbus does not use fixed speed cameras.