Welcome to the Columbus Police Reserve Web Page. Our motto, “Excellence In Service,” portrays an organization that is rich in history, and dedicated to service. For over 60 years Reserve Officers have augmented and aided the Division of Police by providing an additional source of Law Enforcement Officers, and by assisting the Division’s full-time officers in regular duties, and in times of emergencies. Reserve Officers come from all walks of life, but share the one common goal of giving something back to their communities. From the first group of Auxiliary Officers, who worked the streets unarmed and without the powers of arrest, the unit has evolved into professionally trained and fully certified law enforcement officers who are granted full powers of arrest. I am truly proud of all those who serve now, and those who have selflessly served before us.

If you have what it takes to be a Reserve Officer, and wish to be part of the finest Police Division in the Country, then the Columbus Police Reserve is the place for you. The commitment is strong, and the rewards are many.

Columbus Police Reserve
History & Information

The Columbus Auxiliary Police was organized during World War II as part of the Civil Defense Administration for use in Civil Defense emergencies.  After the War, this organization was abandoned.

In 1951, the Auxiliary Police was reactivated by the Columbus Division of Police with the Chief of Police as Commanding Officer.  A Police Lieutenant, assigned as Liaison Officer between the Columbus Division of Police and the Columbus Auxiliary Police, was placed in charge of all Auxiliary Police activities.  A similiar structure presently exists.  In July 1988 the name was changed to the Columbus Police Reserve.

The Columbus Police Reserve is staffed by public spirited citizens from all walks of life, who are devoted to serving the citizens of Columbus by volunteering time to assist the force of full-time police officers.  Their time is spent working in a police cruiser alongside a full-time police officer and / or working parades and special events.

Any person over the age of 21 interested in becoming a Police Reserve Officer must complete an application, which can be obtain at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions please contact the Columbus Police Reserve at (614) 645-7136.  After returning the completed personal history questionnaire, the applicant will be subjected to a criminal record check, a background investigation, an in-home interview, a polygraph examination, a physical exam, and an oral board interview.  Upon successful completion of the requirements, the candidate will be accepted for training.

The training consists of over 650 hours of classroom and practical training conducted by experienced, certified instructors. The training sessions are usually conducted Monday-Thursday between the hours of 6 PM and 10 PM.  There are also many 8-hour Saturdays included in the training.  Most of the training is at the Columbus Police Training Academy, 1000 North Hague Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.

The training received at the Training Academy is in excess of the State of Ohio minimum for training. Upon graduation from the Training Academy, Reserve Police Officers are certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Council.  While on duty, the Reserve Police Officer has the same authority, arrest power, and responsibility as a full-time police officer.

Upon successful completion of the course of instruction, each graduate is assigned to a Company unit, which conducts one training session per month where up-to-date police methods are further studied.  Each member is required to attend eight (8) of these meetings per year, as well as devote a minimum of eight (8) hours per month to in-service training duties, such as working in a police cruiser with a full-time officer.

The members of the Columbus Police Reserves are proud of their achievements and are grateful for the opportunity to have served the Division of Police, as well as the City of Columbus, and its citizens.

Requirements for the Columbus Police Reserve:

- Age 21 at time of appointment
- Citizen of the United States
- Resident of Franklin County, or any county contiguous to Franklin County
- Must have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
- Must never have been convicted of:
     - A felony
     - A serious misdemeanor
     - A series of offenses showing a disregard for constituted authority
- Be of good character and have a good reputation in the community
- Possess good judgement, tact, and initiative commensurate with the position and assignment
- Pass Civil Service exam for Police Officer
- Pass required polygraph test
- Pass required background investigation
- Pass required Oral Board Review
- Pass medical examination, including:
     - stress test
     - hearing test
     - drug test
     - psychological examination
     - vision test (vision must be at least 20/20 corrected binocular and 20/125 (or better) uncorrected, each eye)
- Purchase uniforms and serve without pay
- Possess a valid driver's license from the State of Ohio
- Possess personal vehicle insurance
- Approved by Chief of Police
- Approved by City Safety Director
- Commit to serve 3 years as a Columbus Police Department Reserve Officer (This requirement is waived if accepted for full-time employment as a Columbus Police Officer).
- Take an oath of office.

The selection process:

To qualify for the position of Columbus Police Reserve Officer, you must complete the following steps in the testing / selection process:

1. Pass Civil Service exam for Police Officer
2. Attend a Columbus Police Reserve Informational Meeting held at the Columbus Police Training Academy
3. Obtain an application at the Informational Meeting
4. Complete a pre-interview with Reserve Officers
5. Complete and return the Application to Columbus Police Training Academy
6. Take a polygraph examination
7. Upon successful completion of background investigation and polygraph examination, interview with the Oral Review Board
8. Pass required medical examination, including: stress test, hearing test, drug test, psychological examination, and vision test.
9. Complete Columbus Police Training Academy courses and maintain an 80 percent average or greater
10. Pass Ohio State Certification examination
11. Approval of Chief of Police and City Safety Director
12. Take an oath of office
13. Serve your community as a volunteer Columbus Police Reserve Officer

If you meet the above requirements, and you are interested in becoming a Columbus Police Reserve, please fill out an application and send it to:

Columbus Police Reserve
Columbus Police Academy
1000 N. Hague Ave.
Columbus, OH 43204

Download an application!