Listed below is information about some upcoming events within the Columbus, Ohio Division of Police. If you would like information on an event that is not listed here, you may call the Division of Police Information Desk at (614) 645-4760.


Columbus, Ohio Division of Police Auctions:  

In an effort to reduce the number of items stored in the Police Property Room and Impound Lot, the Division of Police periodically holds auctions to dispose of recovered and unclaimed property. These auctions include vehicles, bicycles, clothing, electronics, furniture and other items which may end up in the police property room. 

Property Room Auctions

The auctions are held at the Police Property Room, located at 724 E. Woodrow Avenue. On 'Auction Day' the doors open at 9:00am and bidding begins at 10:00am. Admission is free, however, the auction is limited to the first 400 people through the door. Accepted payment is cash, only, please.

The below dates are tentative!!  Please contact the Police Property Room at 645-4736 to verify these dates.
2016 Police Property Room Auction Schedule

Impound Lot Auctions

The auctions are held at the Police Impound Lot, 2700 Impound Lot Road, Columbus, OH 43207, (614) 645-6400. On 'Auction Day' the gates open at 9:00 AM and bidding begins promptly at 10:00 AM. Admission is free, however, you must be at least 18 years of age, provide identification, and register to bid on vehicles. All vehicles are sold in "AS IS" condition, and most are sold on salvage titles.  The Division of Police will not provide a list of available vehicles in advance of the sale date. The preferred method of payment is cash, however checks will be accepted if you have a signed letter from your bank stating you have sufficient funds and you HAVE IT WITH YOU AT THE TIME OF BIDDING .

The below dates are tentative!!  Please contact the Police Impound Lot at 645-4620 to verify these dates.
2016 Police Impound Lot Auction Schedule


Division of Police Town Meeting

As part of its Community Policing efforts, the Division of Police conducts Town Meetings. These meetings offer a unique opportunity for police administrators to learn more about the needs of the community and for citizens to learn more about their police service. The meetings follow a public forum format to provide open communications between citizen's and the Division of Police. This communication is imperative for Community Policing to be effective.

The Meetings are held in each of the five zones within the city. They are attended by the Chief of Police, and include the Division's Deputy Chiefs, Commanders, and the Patrol Lieutenants, Sergeants, and Community Liaison Officers which are assigned to the zone in which the meeting is held. Also invited are all Blockwatch Captains and persons from the various neighborhood associations which are represented in that zone.

These Town Meetings provide an excellent opportunity for citizen's to voice concerns and ask questions about crime and policing within their neighborhoods. For more information about the next Police Town Meeting, refer back to this web site, or contact the Division of Police Public Information Officer at 645-4593.