The Columbus Division of Police is organized into six subdivisions. The subdivisions include the Administrative, Investigative, Support Services, Homeland Security, and two Patrol subdivisions: North and South. Each subdivision is commanded by a Deputy Chief. The nature of each task to be performed determines which subdivision has responsibility and authority.

The individual subdivisions are further divided into bureaus or zones, each of which fulfills a more specific mission. Each zone or bureau is supervised by a police commander.

The zones or bureaus are subdivided into sections or watches and are commanded by a police lieutenant or civilian employee of equivalent position. The sections and watches are broken down into precincts, units, squads, or teams. Each is commanded by a police sergeant or civilian.

The Division of Police operates in a semi-military manner. Authority descends from superior to subordinate and responsibility ascends from subordinate to superior.
























Chief of Police Kimberley K. Jacobs

Office of the Chief of Police

Public Information Office

Internal Affairs Bureau


Investigative Subdivision
Administrative Subdivision
Homeland Security Subdivision
Patrol South Subdivision
Patrol North Subdivision
Support Services Subdivision
Deputy Chief
Deputy Chief
Deputy Chief
Deputy Chief
Deputy Chief
Deputy Chief
Investigative Subdivision Bureaus

Crimes Against Persons

Property Crimes

Special Victims Bureau

Crime Laboratory Bureau

Administration Subdivision Bureaus

Human Resources Bureau

Professional Standards Bureau

Training Bureau

Fiscal Management Bureau

Homeland Security Subdivision Bureaus

Special Services Bureau


Traffic Bureau

Patrol South
Subdivision Zones

Patrol Zone 2

Patrol Zone 3

Patrol Zone 5

Patrol North Subdivision Zones

Patrol Zone 1

Patrol Zone 4

Strategic Response Bureau

Support Services
Subdivision Bureaus

Communications Bureau

Support Operations Bureau

Technical Services Bureau