Deputy Chief Timothy A. Becker

Deputy Chief Becker



Deputy Chief Becker was born and raised on the west side of Columbus and is a graduate of Bishop Ready High School and The Ohio State University. Deputy Chief Becker is a proud member of the 74th Recruit class of the Columbus Division of Police, beginning in 1988.  During his career Deputy Chief Becker has held assignments in all six subdivisions of the Division.

Deputy Chief Becker is a graduate of the 244th session of the FBI National Academy, the 299th session of the Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command and the 57th session of Police Executive Leadership College (PELC).

Deputy Chief Becker has been awarded the Silver Cross Award and Ribbon, Special Commendation, 10-year Safe Driving Award and the Physical Fitness award by the Division.  He has twice been awarded the “Outstanding Officer” award by the Columbus City Council.

Deputy Chief Becker is married and has three sons; his family includes multiple members of the Division.  Deputy Chief Becker has coached numerous youth athletic teams in the last decade and also volunteers his time with the Knights of Columbus.

Assignment and Promotions

December 1988-Began the Police Academy.  Held officer positions in current Patrol North and South precincts, as well as detective positions in Accident Investigation and Fraud and Forgery.

July 1995-Promoted to Sergeant.  Worked Patrol North and South, including S-13C and S-63EMW as well as Internal Affairs.

July 2001-Promoted to Lieutenant.  Worked Patrol on 3rd shift, dealing with campus riots.  Worked in the Professional Standards Bureau, supervising Public Records, Research and Development, Seizure Unit, Legislative Liaison Office and assisting with Accreditation.

January 2008-Promoted to Commander.  Worked Zone 1 Patrol and the Technical Services Bureau.

December 2010-Promoted to Deputy Chief of the Patrol North Subdivision.




The following Bureaus / Units are contained within the Administrative Subdivision:

Human Resources Administration

Professional Standards Bureau

Training Bureau